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Do Bangkita Ceramic Studio has a physical store?

Yes, Bangkita Ceramic Studio has one physical store that is located in KEDAI.KL at MAHSA Avenue. You can search for BANGKITA@°C for direction.

Why are the product have different tones and effect although it is in the same collection?

All off our product has different tones and effect although it's the same collection  because we are using GAS KILN firing. By using gas kiln firing, we not only get different effect on product, the tones in each of the product would also be different.

Do you provide custom order or made-to-order services?

Yes, here in BANGKITA, we provide both of the services.

How long is the production timeline?

The production that is depend on the quantity of the order. The larger the order, the longer we will for the production process to complete. But usually it would take about 4-6 weeks or 16-18 weeks.

Is Bangkita Ceramic Studio a local brand and company? And where do you based?

Bangkita Ceramic Studio is a local brand and company that was founded in 2013. Were are based in Telok Panglima Garang, Selangor Malaysia.

Are the product in the website available in the store?

Some of the product that is in the website is not in the store. Only selected designs or product will be available in the store.

What is the Minimum Quantity Order (MOQ)?

Our minimum quantity order are 50pcs per order.

Do you hold any ceramic classes or workshop?

Currently, we are not holding any ceramic classes or workshop. Any event will be update in the social media.

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