How Do We Make It?

In general, there are three types of production: mass production, mass customization, and customization. Here in BANGKITA, we are more towards mass customization. In mass customization, products are produced using mass-production techniques, but only up to a point. At that point, the product or service is custom-tailored to the needs or desires of individual customers.



Throwing and casting is basically the first process in making ceramic product. The production team will produces all of the product following on the measurements and types of the product.



After the first process is done, we will wait for the product to dry and then continue with the next step, BISQUE FIRING. Bisque firing is the first firing process. It is a slower process,takes around 8-10 hours and occurs at a lower temperature, reaching up to 900°C.  After it is fired, we will usually wait for a day for the kiln and the product to cool down. If the kiln is opened directly after firing, it will cause all the product to explode or crack due to sudden temperature changes.



After the product is cooled down, we will continue with the glazing process or we can called it the coloring process. The general process of glazing ceramics is by mixing the glazes, applying the glaze to bisque-ware, letting it dry, then finally loading it into the kiln for the glaze firing.



Glaze firing is the final step to make ceramic product. Glaze firing usually takes 12 hours to be fired in temperature up to 1200°C. Glazes consist of silica, fluxes and aluminum oxide. Silica is the structural material for the glaze and if you heat it high enough it can turn to glass. Its melting temperature is too high for ceramic kilns, so silica is combined with fluxes, substances that prevent oxidation, to lower the melting point.



The final step before the product to be sell or deliver is the finishing process. After the glaze product is cooled down and had been unload from the kiln, the product will be going through the quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC). After it has been approved, the product is then pack and ready to be deliver.



How Long is the Process?

For BANGKITA, we usually takes 4 to 6 weeks to finish an order. It may also takes 12 to 16 weeks an order depends on the quantity of the order. The larger the order quantity, the longer time it takes for the production to be done.