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Gas Kiln VS Electric Kiln

  • Electric kilns are fantastic and well renowned for being able to produce pieces with bright and uniform colors.

Alternatively, if you're looking for a more rustic feel to your pottery,

  • Gas kiln firing tends to be better at producing more earthy brown colors. This makes them perfect to achieve a more aged looking design.

Here in BANGKITA, we are known in using only GAS KILN FIRING. We loves the rustic effect that comes out after each of the firing.

In every firing that we done, we always get different effect on each of the product. Although all the product is fired at the same time and in the same kiln, the effect is different for each of the product. 

For one color glaze, for example white color, You won't get the uniform and same tones and effect. You will get several effect and tones of the color.

Some of you may want to get the uniform color and tones it your order, HOWEVER, in BANGKITA , we can guarantee you that we aren't able to give you that.

You may say it is a disadvantage for us, BUT we loves the side effect and the un-uniformness on each of the product.


We are proud to say that, IT IS THE IDENTITY THAT WE BRING and what you know us for. 

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Gas Firing: About Us


Here is some of the effect that you can get during a single firing.

Gas Firing: Text
Gas Firing: Pro Gallery
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