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At bangkitaceramicstudio, we specialize in handcrafting beautiful, unique tableware of all types. Our made-to-order and custom order options give you the freedom and control to create pieces that perfectly fit your style and preferences. Our team of experienced artisans work with the latest techniques and tools to ensure that each piece is of the highest quality. We take pride in providing the best customer experience possible, with responsive support and timely delivery. Let us help you create a set of tableware that you can enjoy for years to come.

Cup Casting
Cup Trowing

What is the Difference Between Made-To-Order and Custom Order?

  • Made-to-order products: The product is created according to a standardized production method or a limited range of options are provided within existing specifications (e.g., dimensions, color, etc.).


  • Custom products: The product is created specifically for the customer according to their requirements. Customized products also include products that are created using images, diagrams or descriptions provided by the clients.

Terms and Conditions

  • The Minimum Quantity Order (MOQ) for an order is 50pcs.

  • Discount will only be given for an order more than 100pcs.

  • To make an order, you have to make the order at least 3 MONTHS before the actual deadline that you need the products for. Any lesser than that, we will take the order depends on our production schedules and timeline.

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